This is a visual diary of young boy, Max Shevchenko.

Max was found of Asian, explored its culture and was wondered about East since he was a child. Max dreamed of his trip and journey through China. One day Max leaved his home, took all the basics for travel and adventures and flew to the China. It was his way of freeing himself and fulfilling the dream of his life. Max didn’t need an expensive camera, he caught special moments of the adventure. Is was picturing the realization of his dream. Baima Mountain, Guilin, Harbin, Nanchang, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xichang – places which Max had been to and saved impressions. Max fell in love with China. He was impressed by kind people, developed infrastructure and deep respect for centuries-old traditions in all cities. He decided that he would return to China in the future and would tell everyone about the country where everything is perfect.

“F – for Fake” – project about inspiration story of fictional man. In fact, this photographs were made in my room with internet, notebook and cheap camera. I use VR-videos from Chinese TV – shoot screen images from VR-videos.

Nowadays, the modern world makes it possible to travel from a room around the world, including creating memories of these trips using photographs. What kind of trip could we call real? Will your friends understand how you traveled? Will dreams change according to how the possibilities for their realization change? I ask myself just like you do.