Inspired by Kobo Abe and his novel “The Box Man”

The Police Department of the City on the night of the 23rd conducted a raid on vagrants in all areas of the city. 180 persons were arrested and charged with violations of the law on minor offences (vagrancy, begging) and the rules of conduct in public places (actions prohibited in the streets). All those arrested were taken to the nearest Police Department, and later released after they gave a subscription to “stop vagrancy”. However, after an hour, almost all released again returned to their original places.

In this regard, our group went to the above-mentioned areas. We decided to find other people who are usually considered to be vagrants, homeless or beggars, although they do not consider themselves as such. These people are not interesting to Society, which entails the same reaction.

Box Man #1 adores nature, so always tries to find green places that would be surrounded by a green array. After two days of communication Box Man agreed to make photo in his favorite places and asked to send him one of them just to hang it inside the box.
The last day we found out Box Man #1 has a pal, also Box Man #2, living the other side. We chose the path under the one of main bridges. The bridge was the important place of past life that Box Man #1 remembers unwillingly.
This Box Man #2 thinks he was an architect so he chooses building to live in. Preferably abandoned, because people are very aggressive. The building are disrepair but he feels comfortable.
Two years ago Box men meet each other since then they have been keeping in touch.
During the raids by the Police, the City Administration and other authorized persons, Box Men claim that they were not offered assistance but beggars, homeless and others.

If you have any information about this or another Box People, please contact the City Administration.